Taste The Goodness Of Earthen Pot Cooking At This Outlet!

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Thank You Dum pukht Handi for bringing the traditional cooking back. 

What we had

- Yakhni Chicken Pulao - Mutton Haandi - Khameeri Naan. All of this cooked and packed in handi

My verdict -  Well packed and sealed handi with steam coming out after opening. Authentic fragrance and delicious in taste.  Pulao had traditional Kashmiri flavours. Phenomenal quantity and oh so good.  Mutton Haandi was steaming hot with all the flavours and a dash of spicy flavour. Khameeri Naan had just the right fermented flavour. Overall a great meal indeed

Overall, one of my fav choices coz they genuinely take 30-40min to cook a fresh meal each time in handi. 


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