Get Inked With A Design Of Your Choice At This Studio In Sadashiv Peth

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Want a tattoo you won't regret? Step into Sach Tattoo Studio in Sadashiv Peth that specialises in custom designs.

What Makes It Awesome?

The studio is not only for you to walk in and get Inked. It's also where upcoming tattoo artists are trained. The idea is to give them a first-hand look into the whole process. After all, tattoos are a big deal.

The staff is trained in not only inking you but also in ensuring that you're picking the right design and you're not going to regret what you choose. And are super helpful in making sure you're comfortable about the process.

So they draw out what you describe and guide you through the whole process. And once you're inked, they'll let you go only once the medical bandages are in place.

The price range like most other studios depends on the size of design. And your sessions are broken down in case you're getting a whole sleeve done.

What Could Be Better?

We'd love to see more tattoo forms and also piercings being added to their services.


Get a small design first and make sure whether you're happy with the studio's services before you plunge into more expansive body art.


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