Thai House In Khadki Is Where You Should Be Headed For the Most Authentic Thai Treats

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What Did You Like?

Thai restaurants in India can offer some truly dubious fare. But this restaurant in Pune, run by a Thai family offers food that tastes like food from Bangkok. From the delicately spiced Tom Yum soup {it’s a godsend on days when you have a cold} to the made-to-order fish preparation, the food here scores on taste as well as authenticity. Even the sauces that accompany the delicacies are heavenly–take it from someone who has spent many meals licking sauces off the dipping bowls {much to the embarrassment of her dining companions}.

What Could Be Better?

The space is a little small as is the kitchen, orders sometimes take a while to arrive.

Anything Else?

You will likely find yourself sharing the space with Thai students and expats, who often head here yearning for some home-style food.


Thai House offers some delicious fish delicacies, but they are often only available on advance orders. Make sure you call ahead.


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