The Creamery On Salunke Vihar Road Should Be Your One-Stop Destination For Freak Shakes & Desserts

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What Makes It Awesome

The Creamery is a place for people wanting to dive into waffles, shakes, ice-creams, coffee, sundaes, and freak shakes. Located in Salunke Vihar, It's a small cozy place with indoor as well as outdoor seating with a friendly atmosphere. It can be easily spotted from the road because of their bright blue French doors.

The Freakshakes are heavenly and you might not be able to complete it all by yourself. M&M Shake and the Oreo Shake is definitely worth a try. One should even try out the Berries Nest, it's a sundae served in a thin chocolate bowl. The fun part is when it's served it's dropped from a height onto your table causing the chocolate bowl to break and your sundae coming out of it. The waffle tower is another unique kind of dessert presented over here.

What's My Pro Tip?

Also, the Berries and Choco Basket is definitely worth trying out {You can select the flavour of ice cream you want in it based on your choice}.