The Ham & Cheese Sandwich At This Eatery In KP Is Pure Sin {And Totally Worth It}

1880 Interested |

What Makes It Awesome

I went to Swig for a work meeting, and the person I met ordered it saying this is all he eats when he visits this super popular joint. I told him we could share it, a decision I regretted almost instantly.

This ham and cheese sandwich has got its shit figured out. It's super cheesy without being greasy, it's meaty without leaving a weird aftertaste, and the bread {which I'm normally not a fan of} was crisp, soft, buttery and totally delicious. Basically, this sandwich is total comfort food.

What Could Be Better?

The fries it came with were good, because they were crusted with rock salt which was amazing. But they were a little cold.

What's My Pro Tip?

They have two beautiful Indian dogs who are their residents, and they're super friendly, often to the point of jumping into the lap of an unsuspecting diner. Chill with them for a while!

Anything Else?

This place is massively popular among the college crowd, and they often have music nights, so watch out for that. And oh, their happy hours are insane.

I love food, Bombay and people who do amazing things just for the sake of doing them.