Put Your Wit To Test & Play Sherlock At This New Escape Room In KP

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What Makes It Awesome?

Love a good mystery? Solve them and escape a locked room at The Hidden Hour, a new escape room in Koregaon Park. You can put your team to test, go on a date and solve a mystery with your beau or take a group of fellow Sherlock fans.

The Hidden Hour has mushroomed with a fourth location in India. It first opened in Gurgaon, a few years ago and later in Delhi and Hyderabad. It has now set foot in Pune and is challenging you to put your wit to test inside their escape rooms.

You know the drill. You’ll be locked in a game room of your choice and within 60-minutes you have to solve clues to escape. A game master is allotted who views you via the cameras and flashes clues and activities on a TV screen based on your actions and turns inside the room. 

You can choose from four escape rooms at The Hidden Hour. The rooms are designed according to difficult levels. If you’re entering an escape room for the first time, you can opt for Lost On An Island, where you’ll be an explorer trying to find a way out before the volcano erupts. Pick from The Haunted Hostel, where you’re challenged with paranormal activities and Hijacked NCR Metro, where you need to diffuse a bomb (relax, not a live one) as the timer ticks away. Think you’re a pro at escape rooms? Then you must try the Magic Show, which is the highest difficulty level and you’ve got to hunt for hidden treasure. 

If you’re looking for team-building exercises for your corporate family, or want to organise your birthday here (12-years + only), then this is a great idea for that. The Hidden Hour provides corporate and dedicated birthday packages that are guaranteed to be fun. 

On weekdays, a two player game is priced starting at INR 1600 per person on weekends as well as on weekdays. Got more players? Then the price per person lowers. So get your crew together and get solving.


Escape rooms are a great idea to take your date to, as it gives you two something to work out together. Perhaps, you could also celebrate your birthday here and get your crew to do a major activity together besides going to a bar for the evening.


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