The Indian Queen's Hand-Blended Masalas Will Definitely Elevate Anyone's Cooking

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What Makes It Awesome

Masalas are an integral part of Indian cuisine and always determine the taste of the dish. If the masalas are right, nothing can go wrong in the dish. The Indian Queen is a platform for home-cooks and artisans who make authentic hand-blended masalas.

Shop for fresh hand-blended and aromatic masalas from this brand that starts at INR 200 for a 150 gm jar. The ingredients used are sourced from local farmers. Try the good old garam masala while cooking gravies and other Indian dishes. If you are cooking South Indian dishes, you can use their sambhar masala.

You can also check out their pickle or kebab masala the next time you are making mango pickle for the summer or juicy kebabs. We hear that this brand's buni ka masala, which has peppercorns and is an excellent alternative to chaat masala and is their specialty. 


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