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What Makes It Awesome

Pizza is indeed bae. If you too are sick of the thick bread served to you in the name of pizza and thin crust has become love, you have got to try The Mighty Crust Pizzeria in Pimple Nilakh. In fact, many neighbourhood locals believe that it's the best pizza in Pune they've ever had.

A very humble and simple pizzeria, Mighty Crust is a small place where the food speaks. Started by Kaustubh Divekar in 2016, Mighty Crust started as a takeaway-only eatery offering nothing but pizzas. Divekar tells us that his love for pizzas strengthened during a visit to Brooklyn, New York and since then he has tried to incorporate the flavours from his memory. So you'll find only New York-style pizzas here! The pizzeria's interiors have no frills and about four tables that can host 15 to 20 patrons at a time.

Their menu comprises only a selected variety. All the ingredients that go in the making of their pizzas are hand-picked from selective farmers around Pune. Because of this, they have been able to maintain their quality for years. The best part is that they don't really change their menu but instead keep on adding new things almost thrice a year. And hey! They too believe that pineapple on a pizza is a BIG no-no.

Options here include barbecue chicken pizza, pesto chicken, hottie, jerk chicken and the classic pepperoni. While vegetarian pizza options include margherita, pesto, toby, mafiosa and napoli. The best part is you can opt for two toppings by ordering your pizza half-and-half or try four toppings by opting for quarter pizzas. In this manner, you get to try almost all of their varieties in one go! But believe us, we tried it, and we can't stop ordering from here!

We tried their pepperoni, jerk chicken and basil chicken and were truly impressed. The crust was crisp, made in a stone oven and the freshness of the bread is evident when you take a bite. The pepperoni was perfectly seasoned, the jerk chicken too was perfectly spicy. Not too hot and not too bland. And, the basil chicken was also very flavourful and you can taste the freshness of the basil.

These pizzas are available in 14 inches and 18 inches. For INR 495 you can get a 14 inch and the 18 inch is priced at INR 595. If you take half-and-half or quarter the 14 inch is at INR 550 and the 18 inch is at INR 650. The pizzeria delivers with their own delivery guys and are not on Swiggy and Zomato. The Mighty Crust Pizzeria delivers in a 5km radius and will deliver anywhere in the city, in case of bulk orders.

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₹500 - ₹1000

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