Hog On Sindhi Mutton Curry & Tinda At Koki

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What Makes It Awesome

I had Teevan {a traditional Sindhi mutton curry cooked with potato, lotus stem and herbs} and authentic prawn fry with charred Tinda {Indian baby pumpkin} and I was in sweet food heaven!

What Could Be Better?

Their menu could've been bigger with more authentic Sindhi delicacies. But on the brighter side, the promoter did tell me they're working on adding more dishes on the menu soon! #cantwait

What's My Pro Tip?

Their fulkas are the fluffiest fulkas you'd ever have with a dollop of ghee! I'd recommend their Sai Bhaji, Koki and Teevan, of course. It's soul yearning goodness.

Anything Else?

Be open to trying whatever the head chef suggests, he is insanely good at suggestions and will serve you some yummy Sindhi delicacies.