7 Things You'd Relate To If You Were A Convent School Student In Pune

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Ten-Second Takeaway

School has undoubtedly been the best phase of our lives and if you studied in a convent school, your adventures were of another level altogether! If you are a convent student, we are pretty sure you will travel down memory lane after reading these 7 points.

The Unbreakable Uniform Code

There is an unbreakable bond between convents and their strict rules about uniforms. Ties should be perfectly aligned with those proud collars, the skirt/pinafore must not be above or below the knee; it should be mid-knee and clean socks must go right up to the knee. Oh, and if you didn't follow these, there'd be that dreaded remark in the diary!

Going To Church Was A Routine

Irrespective of your religion, it was a routine for all ‘conventees’ to visit the church. Removing shoes outside, walking through the long aisle, kneeling down to pray, basking in the peace and quiet of the church and returning with foreheads inked with ash; just used to be our thing. And during exams, the church used to be brimming with students. Who wouldn’t want those extra blessings?

Grammar Nazis

English was the only language we were allowed to speak in. Hence, we have a very prickly nerve for wrong pronunciation and grammar. In short, we know the difference between its and it's.

December Used To Be All About Christmas

Dressing up as shepherds and angels used to be so fascinating. It was no fancy dress competition, but our very own Christmas skits and plays. If you were the teacher’s pet, you were lucky enough to play Mother Mary or the King. And not to forget, guessing, every year, which teacher was dressed up as Santa Claus!

Value Education/Moral Science Classes

Every convent student knows the one period we've all had to sit through, Moral Science. This subject was given, if not more, as much importance as any other subject. Valuable lessons and the importance of ethics along with discipline were taught through this subject.

Prayers, Hymns And Carols

We said different prayers not only in the morning but also during noon, after lunch and before leaving school. You'd still hear us break into song or humming along everytime we hear a hymn or Christmas carol!

Endless Haunting Tales

Being a part of a convent school used to mean spreading ghost stories. No one ever tried to find out the truth because these stories just used to be so fascinating. From graveyards to spirits on campus; every conventee has been a part of either creating a story or spreading it.