Get Your Dose Of Caffeine With Finest Brews At This Charming Coffee Shop In KP

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What Makes It Awesome?

Bengaluru's famous coffee chain Third Wave Coffee Roasters has an inexplicable charm. No wonder we are happy that they have opened its first branch in Pune in lane E of the plush Koregaon Park. Surrounded by greenery and calm surroundings, this place is a hub for coffee maniacs where they can experience their amazing Arabica brews and unique methods of brewing it.

Good news for all the coffee lovers out there. With authentic Arabica roasted coffee curated from different parts of the world, Third Wave Coffee Roasters has opened its first-ever cafe in Pune. Team LBB happened to get the first look of the place and we couldn't be more thrilled. Minimalistic, chic and calm, Third Wave Coffee Roasters is a cafe that is ideal for first dates, solo dates, working, brunches or simple coffee sessions. In a nutshell, the cafe is open for all who want to try coffee with a twist.

What we found the best was their brewing method. We saw the roasted coffee blends getting brewed in a conical flask with a method called syphon. Another blend was brewed (literally like chemicals in a lab!) in a round flask through the chemex method.

We loved the syphon expresso shot that kept us wanting for more. We recommend you also try their Thai iced latte and cold-fashioned, a citrus flavoured drink infused with a cold brew.  

You can try out the different types of coffee brews such as French press, Aeropress, or even pour-over brews for your daily dose of coffee. Matcha latte, red velvet latte, Thai latte or even gold turmeric latte, if you want to give regular coffee a miss, check out these different types of unique lattes at this place.

Are you on a Keto Diet? No need to abstain from coming here. They have designed a special Keto menu where they serve Keto salad and their signature bulletproof keto coffee that uses virgin coconut oil & unsalted butter as its base. We also gave their keto salad a try and believe us, it was anything but boring.

Having hunger pangs? Dig into wholesome meal bowls. Try the Mediterranean bowl and pair it up with the Hibiscus tea that will instantly refresh it. For food, we tried the glazed mushroom sourdough which was a panini with butter-tossed mushrooms as well as the bagels with loads of cream cheese. 

If you have a sweet tooth, dig into their super-yummy skillet cookie that is topped with ice-cream and choco chips. You can also check out their French toast, classic creme brûlée, waffles, fried Oreos etc. Because they have countless brews, wifi and calm surroundings- all three elements ideal for any workstation, you can get your laptops and work peacefully while sipping on your favourite coffee and munching on delicacies.


You can buy various types of coffee blends & beans from this place. We recommend you also check out the different types of coffee makers, crushers and types of apparatus. 


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