A Studio, Workshops & More: This Co-Working Space In Pune Is Built For Artists

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Let us explain how a workday looks like at Ekattha-The Design Faktory, Pune's 'artist-only' co-working space. It's your usual morning, a group of people sit around a table, crowded with rolls of craft paper, oil paints, wax, and other stationery; their fingers soiled with colours, working fast to create something extraordinary, while a man sits on a comfortable bean bag reading his favourite book. There's no sign of stress in the environment, no pressure of deadlines and definitely no headbanging over meeting targets.

The brainchild of Rasika Tanmay Mehta, Ekattha in Aundh is an ecosystem of creative minds working and collaborating together. From art curators to painters, designers, photographers, writers, illustrators, cinematographers and creative start-ups, everyone is welcome at this beautiful co-working space.

Ekattha has a huge open terrace, and a large community space with private meeting rooms, studios, workshop areas, a library full of books and audio-visual games, and a recreational hall. And, in case you're wondering, space is well-equipped with high-speed WiFi and printers too.

Coming to the best part about working out of Ekattha, we hear they organise various monthly events for the members such as karaoke evenings, jamming sessions, start-up meets, and in-house games day. Barring this, they also arrange regular get-togethers over meals, expert talks, stress-busting workshops, and more.


We hear they organise terrarium, calligraphy, and pen stippling workshops. Keep an eye out for their events on their FB's page.

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