This Spot In Camp Serves A Chicken Slider For Just INR 12.50

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What Makes It Awesome?

A spot that serves a chicken slider for just INR 12.50. Yes, you read it right. This is the cheapest place in Pune which serves an array of fast food. The Pune Zarthosti Seva Mandal is a charity shop, Yes! They only use halal chicken and also have happy hours. The organisation is 75 plus years old. Established sometime around 1940 - this organisation was made with an aim to aid women's welfare but now helps everyone.

Here's what I had there - a paneer cheese roll {INR 15}, a chicken slider {INR 12.50}, a butter chicken puff {INR 20}, a chicken spicy pie {INR 20}, a chicken tikka kathi kebab {INR 25}, and a tangy orange {INR 10}.

What Could Be Better?

Any sort of seating arrangement could be of much help.

What's My Pro Tip?

Plus, the chicken served here is halal.

Anything Else?

The Pune Zarthosti Seva Mandal has happy hours on their rolls and burgers from 1:40pm to 4:30pm. While you can also get yourself a samosa at just INR 5. Buy one get one is available on everything after 8:45pm.

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