Enjoy The Perfect Duo Of Bun Maska & Irani Chai At This Outlet!

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Situated at crowded lanes of Koregaon Park i.e. Lane 6. A perfect place to spend your time with your loved ones while having a well-known Irani Chai and Bun Mhaska.

Its a perfect cafe to spend a quality time with your friends or loved ones. The ambience is quite impressive, calm and pleasant.

I tasted some dishes here.

Bun Mhaska and Irani Chai

The bun was soft, fresh and big in size as compared with other cafes, filled with salty butter is perfect partner for the well known Irani Chai.

Chocolate Chai

This was a uniqueness having chocolate in your chai. The taste was perfectly balanced neither so chocolaty nor so tea flavoured.

Bun Cheese Omlet

Order this without any doubt as it is filled with drooling cheese, a perfect fluffy omlet containing tomatoes, onions and spices with lot of cheese. The butter in bun helps to give that salty taste which makes you drool while eating.

Veg Maggie,Chicken Maggie and Jimmy's Special Maggie

The veg Maggie and Chicken Maggie both were delicious. Veg Maggie was loaded with lot of veggies like carrots, peas were balancing the taste of it. Talking about Chicken Maggie then it was containing minced chicken kheema in it which was giving it a different level of taste as well as a nice texture.

My recommendation will be Jimmy's Special Maggie as it was loaded with veggie as well as topped with A Sunny Side Up Egg. The egg yolk was giving a nice flavourful blast to the Maggie. This one is a perfect for your Instagram post as well as for your hunger.

Chicken kheema and Bun

Chicken kheema was fresh and perfectly balanced in Taste as well as in texture. Neither so oily nor too much gravy. Goes well with either normal bun or bun Mhaska both will make you drool while eating.

Now my favourite one The Banana Walnut Cake Highly recommended

A cake slice containing banana pieces on top and crunchy walnuts inside. Moist, soft and Scrumptious mmm I'll say the yummiest one. Sweetness of banana was balanced with a nutty bittery and buttery taste of walnut. Just one word for it i.e. DELICIOUS.

Overall the experience was awesome. This place is great to hang out with your friends, family and your loved ones. And yes This place serves you well with taking all safety precautions in this situation, hence feel free to visit it without any worries.