Love Reading? This Book Stall Offers Everything From Best Sellers To Rare Copies At A Discounted Rate

What Did I Like?

Out of all the roadside book stalls I have ever been there’s none like this. Located exactly in front of SGS mall, Camp, they have all the genres covered. They sell original copies at a discounted rate. And have got a collection of some rare copies as well. With everything from self-help to biographies, this place won’t disappoint you. They even have all the best sellers and good reads available.

What's My Pro Tip?

You can ask the seller to suggest you some good reads as he has proper knowledge about the books he sells and is good with recommendations. He will also inform you about all the rare books he has in stock. It’s always great {if you love talking about books} to have a conversation with him.

Anything Else?

You can try to bargain and if you're lucky, you'll get more discount.