Elegant, Handmade and Personalised: Get A Handbag Specially Designed For You

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What Makes It Awesome?

Accessories are always a part of your style statement. Wouldn't it be nice if you stood out in a crowd because of the bag you are carrying? Or if someone entered your house and called it beautiful? Tijori By Aishwarya is a homegrown brand that functions online. This unique brand caters to personalised handbags and home decor. The designer Aishwarya beautifully curates uncommon designs according to her vision. These bags are affordable yet classy which makes it even more accessible to everyone. From jute to leather and foam, Aishwarya incorporates all kinds of textures and fabrics to make a unique product. 

If you are a college student looking for tote bag, you can get in touch with Aishwarya online and she will put together a good, trendy piece for you. If you are a mother and you are looking for a multipurpose bag, she can do that too. Not just that, she also makes wallets, clutches and cool fanny packs. If you have moved into a new space or you are just looking for something interesting to add to your home decor, you can sit down with Aishwarya and put together customised wall hangings, showpieces and much more.

You can get in touch with Aishwarya over Facebook and you can also check out some of her products on Tijori's official page. For handbag junkies looking to put their vision on a bag, discovering Tijori might just be the best thing possible!

What Could Be Better?

Even though Tijori has a strong clientele, their social media pages are not very strong. Being an online brand, they can definitely work on up-ing their social media game by putting up more pictures and content about the company and it's products.