Go On A Gaming Streak At This Arcade That Has VR, Bowling & More Games

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What Makes It Awesome?

If the sound of winning tune is music to your ears, my friend, Timezone Arcade in Seasons Mall is just the place for you! From VR, AR to arcade games, this place has got it all. 

Timezone Gaming Arcade is located on the third floor of the mall. If you are amongst those who don’t really enjoy shopping and would rather spend your time racing a car or a bike, you are in for a treat over here. They have various games available with them. Whether you like to race around in cars, bikes or even monster trucks, you can live your fantasy here. They also have shooting games such as Counter Strike and Commando. 

If not virtual games, Timezone also offers a number of games that involve physical activity. You will find games such as pool, a mini bowling alley, basketball shooting rings, dance off challenge and even a dashing car’s zone. If you ever see us here, you're going to wonder who behaves like a bunch of sugar-pumped eight-year-olds. Please, no judgements. Arcades are just that much fun! 

Timezone Gaming Arcade works like any gaming arcade. You take a card, which starts at INR 600 which is a joining amount and gives you a credit of INR 500 (basically you get 500 gaming points). You can recharge it with any amount that you wish. The best part is, they also have a rewarding system. You can play any games that you want to and at the end of your session, depending upon your score, you are rewarded points. These points could be in the form of tickets or even as a direct credit to your account. You can redeem these points in exchange of goodies or simply reuse them to continue your gaming streak.