Of Crab Curry, Fish Fries & More: Restaurants In Pune That Serve Soul-Satisfying Seafood

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Ten-Second Takeaway

Seafood, if not cooked right, can go terribly wrong. Ask any fish lover, and they’ll tell you why. Cooking seafood is an art and takes absolute expertise and practice to master it. We’ve listed five restaurants in Pune which we feel have mastered the art of cooking seafood to perfection.

Fish Curry Rice

Fish Curry Rice at Law College Road is every seafood lover’s paradise. The variety of fish fries served at this restaurant is vast and delicious – starting from surmai to pomfret, rawa, prawns, bangada, bombil and muddushe fries. We highly recommend you to try the tisrya masala for INR 400 and the stuffed bombil for INR 320. The special fish thali for INR 700 comprising of a fish fry, pomfret curry, prawns sukha, muddhushe curry, rice, bhakri and solkadi is an absolute treat to the soul.

Fish O Fish

Fish O Fish at Kothrud is all about mouthwatering, soul-satisfying thalis and nothing else! The sea food special thali for INR 680 consists of prawns curry, bangada curry, bombil fry and pomfret fries, sukat chutney, rice, solkadi, tiwal, papad and bhakri. If you can’t live without prawns, try the delicious prawns thali for INR 360. Trust us, every bite out here is worth the money!

Satkar Rice Plate House

Satkar Rice Plate House at Sinhagad is known for its Malwani Seafood cuisine. The dishes are made from fresh catch of the day. So, there could be a possibility that some of the items on the menu may not be available. We loved the oyster masala {INR 210}, the full pomfret fry stuffed with rich Indian spices cooked in spicy red sauce and the surmai fish curry for INR 200.

Cafe Goa

Cafe Goa at Viman Nagar with its beautiful ambience and young crowd, will take you back to one of the beach shacks of Goa. We loved the seafood out here! Must try the bangada masala and the squid masala fries made in spicy thick resheado masala. Also try the fish salad for INR 150. It’s light and leaves a soothing after taste post meal.


Nisarg at Erandwane is literally synonymous with incredibly delicious seafood. Known for its crab and shimple curries, every dish served at this restaurant is cooked to perfection to remind you of authentic Malwani or Goan cuisines. We loved the bangada tandoori {INR 330}, the butter garlic crab {INR 640} and tawa shimple {INR 310} for starters. For main course, must try the Prawns Biriyani for INR 590 with a side of fresh pomfret cooked in Konkani red curry for INR 640.


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