This Home Baker's Chocolates Are Liked By Sunil Shetty & You Need To Try It Too

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What Makes It Awesome?

Impress your friends and family at your next house party with cakes, cupcakes, fudges and more from Trinity Concept.

Gracing weddings, occasions, birthdays and other special moments, Arezu Rodriguez has been creating beautiful cupcakes and cakes for Punekars for the past eight years. A teacher by profession and a baker by passion, Rodriguez is a self-taught baker. She tells us that she finds her inspiration for baking from her childhood days when she went to learn pottery with her mother. It was from here that Rodriguez’s creativity started finding the right channel.

The best part about this home baker is that she doesn’t look at baking as an alternative job or business. She looks at baking and chocolate making as a stress buster and thus pours a lot of love in each and every dessert that she makes. Maybe this is the reason why her orange chocolates are a favourite of Sunil Shetty's too. 

The key to her baking as well as chocolate making is not just its taste but also the packaging. She believes that anyone can make chocolates as well as cakes. However, it is the dish’s representation that really matters. Her chocolates are packed in a manner that you can gift them to your friends and family during special occasions. Her cakes are also decorated in a manner that make them fit for weddings too. 

Trinity Concept specialises in custom made cakes, cupcakes, fudges, chocolates, brownies and spiked-brownies. Don’t get your hopes to high. The spiked brownies here stand for Christmas special liquor-induced or spice-added brownies. They majorly consider taking bulk orders of all their commodities. Even if there are cookies on the menu, their preference is always going to be towards chocolate and cakes. 

In the recent days, Rodriguez has partnered with her cousin Josette Pinto who is armed with hotel management experience and has been able to make her venture reach a greater height. 

They generally take bulk orders and hence, we suggest that you call them whenever your whole squad is getting together or something of that sort. The prices for her chocolates start at INR 220, in which there are 15 pieces included. The prices vary according to the flavours that you choose. There are flavours such as roasted almond, totally tipsy, hazelnut, cafe au liet and more. You can try your luck and also suggest flavours and see if it could be made. The cupcakes are priced starting at INR 50 a piece. On the other hand her cookies start at INR 2OO.