Graphics At Your Feet: Urban Pitara's Shoes Would Make Any Sneaker Head Happy

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What Makes It Awesome?

Are you tired of wearing solid coloured or plain sneakers? It’s fine to jazz up your accessory game, boys. If you love fun prints and are all about the cool life, we've found a footwear brand you'll love. Urban Pitara is a Delhi-based store that’s known for everything customised. They've got everything from tees, skateboards, sweatshirts and shoes that you can personalise. . 

The brand has a great collection of sweatshirts and tees with graphic prints and slogans but what we were most interested in, was their collection of footwear. Their collection of canvas sneakers and semi leather slip-on shoes are perfect for any occasion. Their pairs are perfect for college or even as gifts.

We love their abstract printed loafers and slip ons that come in quirky prints like multi-coloured scallops, ice cream, digital anime prints, cassettes, tribal designs and more. Most shoes like someone's doodled on them, but they're all digitally printed.

Most of their shoes are water resistant and can be worn in any weather. They have a great shoe size chart that’s meant to cater to everyone. If you are purchasing Urban Pitara shoes online, they might take around five working days to reach you. 

Pro Tip

Apart from having their own collection of shoes, Urban Pitara gives their customers an opportunity to design their own ones. You can choose your own material, design and pattern online if you are looking for something personalised and Urban Pitara will get it delivered to you in less than a week’s time.