We Found A Lane In That Sells Utensils By The Kilo

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What Makes It Awesome?

Pune’s oldest market and peths are filled with lanes and bylanes full of surprises. One such surprise that we were able to uncover was Bohri Aali. This lane is for those planning to buy some utensils for your new home. Bohri Aali is the lane that you will find when you take the left exit form Kaka Halwai in Mandai. This lane is also known as Bhandi Aali. 

Known for all kinds of utensils, you will come across a number of cool stuff in Bohri Aali. In this lane, you will find different types of utensils right from fancy glassware to everyday use stainless steel utensils. Bohri Aali is a one-stop lane for all sorts of kitchenware. You will find pots of all sizes, non-stick cookware, spoons, plates - you name it, you need it, you like it, Bohri Aali’s got it. 

The best part about this lane is it’s a wholesale market of utensils. That means, you can get a number of essentials priced per kilo. For instance, at Bohri Aali, you will find plates at INR 200 per kg, glasses for INR 30 per piece, aluminium cooking utensils for INR 250 per kilo. This rate is only applicable for your steel and aluminium utensils. If in case, you are moving into new apartment that doesn’t have any essentials, you can stock up on them from Bohri Aali. Some of the vendors in this lane are also open to bargain. You just need to be aware about how to spot one.

The vendors in Bohri Aali also engrave names and dates or any special messages on the utensils at no additional cost. You can get a nice food bowl for your pet from here with their name carved on it.


If you've got a keen eye, you will also be able to find a number of antique brass utensils too.


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