Deck Up That Empty Wall At Home With A Dreamcatcher From This Artist In Pune

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What Makes It Awesome?

Wondering what can be done to fill up the empty walls of your home? Move over fairy lights and polaroid photos and check out Utopian Craftsmen for pretty dreamcatchers. This online store, is also acting as a platform for artists across the country to sell their home decor products. 

Started by a homegrown artist Anusha, the concept of Utopian Craftsmen is rather intriguing. Along with selling her own creations, the artist also allows a number of other artists from across India to sell their commodities on the website. Adding to this, she has also kept in mind the needs of such budding artists and for them, the website also sells a number of supplies. You will find supplies such as beads, crochet threads, rings, sea shells, feathers, MDF cutouts, etc., available over here. 

The web store has a number of products apart from dreamcatchers. They have some really cool vintage boxes, which are painted and embellished with different themes. You will find boxes in a vintage look that have birds painted over them. There are also wooden boxes that have a metallic finish to them. The prices of these boxes start at INR 800. If you don’t really like what is available in the existing collection, you can always get one customised.

They also have some really cool media journals. We found these journals with their covers illustrated and crafted ones as well. The crafted covers are basically journals that have a 3D sort of an effect on it. These journals are priced at INR 700. 

The store makes their own dreamcatchers and puts it all up on their Instagram, Facebook and their websites. The prices for these start at INR 1,000. However, if you didn’t like anything from their existing collection, you could always get in touch with them and ask for a customised piece. The only condition is that the price for the customisation should be above INR 1,500.


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