This Studio In Camp Will Convert Your Old Black And White Photos To Colour


    If you’ve lived in Pune long enough, you probably know by now that Varma Studio in Camp is *the* go-to for photography enthusiasts, and anyone looking to have their picture taken.

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    Started in 1948 by the grandfather of third-generation current owners Rishi and Gaurav, Varma Studio has remained in its original location ever since. Located next to Diamond Queen Restaurant and Silver Jubilee Motors on Moledina Road, this stalwart studio is still frequented by a loyal following of people for their photo and printing needs.

    From taking passport/visa photos (INR 150 onwards}, to studio photos {INR 250 onwards} and family portraits; personalised photo calendars/mugs, to posters, and all kinds of large-scale printing, framing, laminating are just one half of their business. The other half, we’re told, deals with corporates: digital documentation, printing and scanning on a large scale format.

    Until recently, they even developed and sold old-school film rolls, but Gaurav tells us the demand for that is now so low, it’s no longer a feasible option. On the other hand, they have also started scanning and archiving old photos for people, from the original photo negatives! All you have to do is bring in the old original film, which they will then scan and digitize into JPEG images on the computer {from INR 10 onwards}, or digitally print them out for you {on request}. We think that’s a fabulous and timeless way of preserving old memories since even printed photos don’t always age well.

    Your photos can be printed in a variety of sizes and finishing, and the files can be sent to you via email, or given on a CD or pen drive. They also specialise in printed photo albums – which Rishi says are a very popular method for family vacations and weddings.

    So, We're Saying...

    We love their old-school vibe, as well as their professional, timely, and efficient customer service – and think you will, too. Varma Studio is one of the oldest and most-loved photo studios that still remains functioning in the city, so bookmark them for your next photo sesh!


    They can also restore old black and white photos to colour for you, digitally.