Good Reads, Quirky Decor & More: This Book Cafe In Kothrud Is A Bibliophiles' Paradise

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Nestled in the quiet lanes of Karishma Chowk, off Karve Road in Kothrud, Waari Book Cafe, boasting of pleasantly offbeat decor coupled with a peaceful vibe, is the ultimate paradise for all the readers in town.

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Imagine sitting in a peaceful corner, under the yellow light of a pretty hanging lamp, sipping a cup of coffee with a classic novel in your hand, as hours pass by. Well, that’s Waari for you and what else is great, is that there is no time limit to how long you can sit at Waari. From creations by Enid Blyton to Amitav Ghosh and from Robin Cook to Margaret Mitchell, Waari houses over 3,000 books, across genres, authors and taste. So pick up your favourite book, place yourself comfortably on a cosy couch and unwind like never before! The curators of Waari Cafe love to experiment with their food. Therefore, the menu is perpetually changing {and, we aren’t complaining}. We loved the pasta sonata for INR 120 and the melt-in-the-mouth sizzling brownie for INR 100. We recommend you try their chocolaty Oreo shake for INR 120. We’ve got more great news! You can also get your laptop and work at Waari. They are open seven days a week, between 9.00 am and 11.00 pm, and, besides good food and great books, they have WiFi too! What more? If you’re on a strict diet, get your own food. The owners don’t mind one bit. Since Waari doesn’t charge you for time and books, there is an entrance coupon of INR 50 for food and drinks. This is redeemable when you’re leaving.

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A treasure trove of books, breathtakingly beautiful decor, free WiFi and a menu full of delicious grubs, Waari is our long-standing fave!

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