Incredible Gourmet European Cuisine In The Heart Of Kothrud?

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What Makes It Awesome?

Le Petit Amour Patisserie, Kothrud. Imagine life in slow motion. Raindrops slowly lash down, ricochet off the ground. Dog slowly wags its tail, nervously smiles up at you with its tongue out. The door opens, jazz music plays sonorously, it's off-beat time signature, an unfathomable chord, saxophone rolls up and down the jazz scale sensuously. The clink of cutlery, conversation, laughter. Cosy, barely 10 seats. Feels like a big family.

You sit down, pretend to read of the menu, though you know exactly what you want. You know what the wife wants, even she doesn't need to tell you.

-Mushroom Soup for the lady, Curried Carrot and Pumpkin Soup for me and The Garlic and Cauliflower Veloute for good measure. The Mushroom, thick, coarse and intense. Oodles of garlic. Could punch a bad mood right out of you. The Garlic and Cauliflower, mild and hot, soothing and heartwarming. The perfect plump prawn and a tantalizingly crisp and meaty strip of bacon. I purr like a cat. The Pumpkin and Carrot, my favourite. Intense, peppery but creamy and hearty. The cheese, the basil, the basil oil. A magical flavour combination I've never experienced before and probably no one else can match. If I'm on my death bed, this brings this for me.

-The Fish and Chips uber crisp. Flaky fish, the dollop of herbed Parisian butter always a pleasure. The lemon cutting through with its sharp tartness. Pea puree, I usually hate with a passion, but here, I don't mind at all.

-Pan-Seared Chicken, a masterclass. Perfectly juicy, buttery crisp chicken breasts. Pepper, butter, a few herbs. Citrus carrot puree divine, flavourful and creamy. The salad was so unbelievably delicious. Herbs, olives, olive oil, everything to make the lettuce and cherry tomatoes sing.

-Brioche French Toast. Have you had French Toast before? Do you think you've had a good one? Forget everything you know. Get your bottom here. Sit down, take a bite. Understand how the thick, crisp, buttery wondrous brioche should be like. Take in the creamy caramelly sauce, chocolate soil. The caramelized crisp bananas and slivers of pear. Topped off with the most beautiful sweet-tart berry jam. Have your eureka moment.

My wife hates cheesecakes. But today, she looked at the baked cheesecake with berry compote, something I adore, and said, 'it just looks so good!'. She had some. She ordered one just for her. We've turned a new page. Life hasn't been the same. You try it too. I'm sure, your life wouldn't be the same too.

Le Petit is that sort of a place. To quote my wife, " If I ever look sad, just take me here".

1) This is from 3 separate visits. We can't eat that much. I mean we can, we try not to. Unsuccessfully.
2) Best cappuccino in town. Coming from a hardcore black coffee guy.
3) Coleslaw Chicken Sandwich is to die for too. Roast Chicken with Confit Shallots too is nice. I wanted more confit shallots, though.
4) Salmon Nicoise Salad. I could kill for some.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Bae, Kids.

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