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A Wardrobe Full Of Clothes You Don't Wear? Sell Em Off At Pret Mode


    If you’ve got designer/ branded clothes in good condition but want to get rid of them, Pret Mode is the site you should be on. Simply sell them and make money sitting at home.

    What’s It About?

    We all own expensive, branded clothes and hoarder tendencies kick in always when it’s time to say goodbye to those beauties. At times, we use them a few times and get over the style, and then there are times when we buy something which looks great on the shelf, but not so much on us. So what do you do to get rid of them? We have a solution. Instead of dumping them in the black hole in your cupboard, you now have the chance to sell them and make money while you sit at home in your pyjamas.

    Pret Mode, which calls itself the city’s biggest thrift shop, is a web portal that lets you buy and sell used and unused clothes, bags and shoes for cheap deals. Selling is a quick and simple process. Log on to their website and fill up a form. Within 24 hours, the website will get in touch with you and fix a time to come and pick up the products from your house. They will then sanitise them and put them up for sale on their website for a period of 120 days. If unsold, they will return the clothes back to you for free, and if a purchase happens, you will earn the moolah {isn’t that awesome?}.

    From time to time, the website also has sales which only means hefty discounts on the already affordable range of products {designer wear for more than 50 per cent off, why the hell not?}. Purchased items can also be returned to the website {in case you change your mind} within a period of seven days. In case of dissatisfaction with the price quoted for your product, you can ask for it back and it will be sent to you free of cost.

    So We’re Thinking…

    If you want to clear your wardrobe and earn money for your beloved items, here’s your chance to sit at home and do just that. We recommend this to all those who are short of time but desperately need a wardrobe cleansing/ makeover.

    Click here to check out the website and start selling {or buying}.