Say Whaaat? This New Ice Cream Delivery Service Has 5 Alcohol-Spiked Flavours

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What Did I Like?

From Priyanka Kandhari Sachdev {owner of Zora and 11 East Street Cafe and many others} and Lovely Sachdev {the driving force behind Sheetal Arch and Tim Luck} comes Tipsy Tub. This is a new venture that has us excited {and drooling} in anticipation and here's why.

They've brought together our two favourite things in the world, ice cream and alcohol. And from what we've heard so far, they've done it beautifully!

They have five flavours that you can pick from. The Denial Drunk has chocolate truffle with dark rum and would be a favourite of all those who live for chocolate. For those that like coconut as a flavour, The Memory Monitor, with coconut and Malibu, sounds like a good pick. Next is what we think will soon be our fave, The Lover which is made of chocolate chip, salted caramel and Baileys. For those that love Oreo cookies, The Cookie Thief combines these biscuits with chocolate liqueur in ice cream form. All those party animals will love the last one with red velvet, cream cheese and vodka. It's rightfully, called The Party Starter and at our next party, we're swapping our shots with scoops of these!

Their tubs of 500ml come for INR 500, except for The Memory Monster which costs INR 600 for a tub.

What's My Pro Tip?

They say they'd need at least a day's notice, so make sure you plan in advance.

Anything Else?

We're excited to get our own tub. What are you waiting for? Order these boozy ice creams right away by calling on 8806411811.

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