Craving Momos? Then Head To This Place In Koregaon Park

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What Makes It Awesome?

Give me soup and momo and I am set for life!

During my stay in Delhi, which was back in 2009-2010, I must have had a plate of momo almost every day. Back then the momo culture in Pune was still upcoming. Today it has emerged greatly, which is obviously great news for me or anyone.

Frankly! I am yet to meet someone who does not like momos.

Momo Corner has been a very well known venue for Momo lovers and is easily located in Koregaon Park.
The taste is mostly on point but the most intriguing part is the variety they bring to the table which is above the ordinary. 

While I would love me a plate of steam momos anytime, I also greatly encourage you to try their Tandoori momo, chilli momo (prepared Chinese style) and Paneer momo.

They usually serve it traditional with a spicy red chutney and or with a spicy green chutney with the Indian versions.

Cost is reasonable and would not exceed Rs 200 for 2 on an average (1 dish per person) They have some seating inside and out, which remains occupied mostly.

But here is the thing, are they the best? Despite the rating, I still know places with better momo in the City.

Nevertheless, they still make momo way better than most places in the City of Pune. I suggest you give a visit, whenever possible!

What Could Be Better?

They must start accepting cards

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

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