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Misty Mornings & Lush Greenery: This Trek Is The Dose Of Nature You Need


    Are you feeling outdoorsy? Head to Peb Fort aka Vikatgad is about 120 kilometres away from Pune. Get that adrenaline rush at this one-day winter trek to Peb Fort as the season is perfect to explore this region.

    What Makes It Awesome?

    In the truest sense of its name, Vikatgadh, with ‘Vikat’ meaning ‘difficult’, this trek is for the adventurous lot. With an altitude of 2100 ft, it surely will require a lot of stamina while climbing between rocks with little support. It begins from Anandwadi village and takes almost 4 hours to complete, of which 1.5 hours is to descend from the opposite direction, followed by a 30-minute walk along the Matheran Toy Train route.

    Nothing less than a paradise for nature enthusiasts, this trek will take you through waterfalls, dense forests, lush green carpets of grass, ladders and even walking off the mountain ridge. There’s also a cave that can accommodate 10 people at once, in case you think of stopping for a break.

    Now, that’s a breather Once you reach the top, you’ll be welcomed with a breathtaking view. You can also see the iconic temple of Lord Dutta which is located on the top. You will be guided by a local guide to make your trek a little less dangerous. That place has many confusing trails. You don’t want to get lost there.

    You will need to carry your own refreshments as you may not find any snacking establishments. We recommend you to take chocolates, glucose biscuits, snacks and lots of water for the trek! It’s going to be a tiring yet memorable one.

    What Could Be Better?

    Peb Fort or Vikatgadh is no easy trek. We suggest you embark on this one only if you think you can pull it off.


    The easiest way to reach there is by taking a morning train to Neral. However, if you want to drive, go via Lonavala and Karjat to reach Neral.