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Morning Fresh

Detox Drink - Liver Protection, Reduces Hangovers, Flushes Out Toxins (Cola Flavor, Size : 60 Ml) Pack of 4

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Product Details

Serving Type:Instant
Weight:240ml (60ml each)
How to use:How to Consume:
1. One morning fresh bottle is to be taken as the last drink of the night / before bed.
2. Wake up feeling fresh, rehydrated and ready to go! Please consume one whole bottle as your last drink.
Ingredients:Vitamin C, Mulberry Leaf Extract, Proteins. No sugar, no caffeine. Gluten/Dairy-free
Inclusions:Package Contains: 4 x 60ml of Cola Flavor Flavor Bottles
Care:Store vertically in room temperature or fridge.
Keep away from direct sunlight
Note: No Exchange & No Returns

About the Brand

India's first hangover detox drink designed to flush out toxins, improve hydration and keep you fresh after a night out. Made using natural ingredients only, Morning Fresh is packed with vitamins, electrolytes & antioxidants that help replenish your body. It is sugar-free and caffeine-free. Choose from their easy-to-carry sachets and bottles, available in multiple delicious flavours and stock up! It's a really cool idea, all you have to do is make Morning Fresh your last drink of the night and wake up feeling cleansed, fresh, and ready to take on your day!
Take A Shot Of Morning Fresh To Make Sure The Drinking Of Last Night Doesn' Spoil The Next Day!
By Aakanksha Singh Devi
No More Hangover? Morning Fresh Is A Cure To All Our Hangovers
By Sanika S