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Daily Refresh Pro Care Kit - Face Wash, Face Scrub, Face Mask, Argan Oil Cream & Toner

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  • heart_iconArgan
  • heart_iconDeep Pore Cleansing, Gentle on Skin, Hydrating, Nourishing
  • heart_iconParaben-Free, Natural

Product Details

Weight:Tea Tree & Neem Face Wash – 200ml
Tea Tree & Neem Face Scrub – 100gm
Kaolin Clay Mask – 100gm
Argan Oil Cream – 100gm
Cucumber Toner – 100ml"
Highlights:Daily Refresh Pro Care Kit of Frescia is an combined range of complete Face Care with all the bestselling items.
How to use:- Face Wash: Squeeze a pea-size face wash drop and apply on wet face, Massage the face wash in circular motions for 2 minute. Rinse your face with clean water until it runs clear. Use face wash daily twice. Apply moisturizer after using face wash.
- Face Scrub: .Squeeze a pea-size face scrub and apply on wet face, Massage the face scrub gently in circular motions for 2 minute. .Rinse your face with clean water until it runs clear. Use face scrub once or twice in a week. Apply moisturizer after patting the skin dry with clean towel.
- Mask: Rinse your face and pat dry, Apply the mud mask in adequate quantity on your face and neck, Leave it to dry. It may take 20-35 minutes. Wash of the mask thoroughly with water. Pat dry with a clean towel. Use it once in a week. Apply toner or moisturizer after removing the mask.
Toner: Take a cotton ball and pour the toner in small quantity, Dab it all over your face and neck, Let it absorb into the skin. Apply a moisturizer or night cream
- Cream: Wash your face with Chocolate Coffee Face Wash / Tea Tree Neem Anti Acne Face Wash or Chocolate Coffee Face Scrub / Tea Tree Neem Anti Acne Face Scrub, Pour a small quantity of cream. Massage it on your face in circular motions. Works best when left overnight.
Ingredients:Tea Tree, Neem, Argan Oil, Kaolin, Cucumber
Inclusions:1 Tea Tree & Neem Face Wash , 1 Tea Tree & Neem Face Scrub,1 Kaolin Clay Mask, 1 Argan Oil Cream , 1 Cucumber Toner, Jute Pouch, Thank You Card, Seeds Pouch, Handmade Scrubber, Mahogany Bowl, Spatula
Care:Store in a cool & dry place
Note: No Exchange & No Returns

About the Brand

Crafted with passion and care, Frescia is a skincare brand that has 10 years of strenuous research on skincare and a dream to blend nature with beauty. Their secret to formulate these unbeatable products is to use 100% natural ingredients and botanical oils. They are a small start up that supports the idea of ‘Vocal for local’ and wishes to support small scale farmers, micro, small and cottage industries. As a responsible organisation, they also support LGBT community and gender equality.
Shop Cruelty-Free And All-Natural Skincare With This Kolkata Brand
By Devyani Singh