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Inclusions:This box contains:
85 grams Super King Kung Pao Noodles by The SuperFood Factory
500 grams Churros Mix with Cinnamon Sugar by Plattered
100 grams Bhel Cup by Wah Luft
250 grams Pancake & Waffles Mix by BawiWhisk

About the Box:
Starring 4 brands that will give you 4 perfect breakfast mixes to binge on. Did we mention, they’re ready to eat? Check these out:

Make your mornings extra special with the pancakes and waffles mix by BawiWhisk. We recommend pairing it with your favorite sauce and some choco chips. If you’re a spice lover then you will definitely appreciate the Super King Kung Pao noodles by The SuperFood Factory. Perfect for a supper with your preferred mocktail. If you’re in the mood for a super healthy but also super easy-to-make snack, Wah Luft has the perfect bhel cup for you. Put some hot water and you’re good to go. If you’re craving for Spanish delicacy, try the churros mix with cinnamon sugar by Plattered. Pair it with your favorite cup of coffee and you’re all set for a stomach-full and happy morning.
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