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Internal Tampons with Applicator - Super

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Product Details

Weight:0.36 kg
Concern:All Skin Type
Highlights:Tampons made for heavy menstrual flow days. They are made with 100% organic cotton so you don’t need to worry about it harming your body or the environment. Naturally Fresh, Highly absorbent, Breathable, pH Neutral and 100% bio-degradable without any negative effect on the environment.
How to use:Hold the tampon between your thumb and middle finger where the two halves of the applicator overlap. Make sure the string is facing away from your body when inserting and give it a gentle pull to check that it’s secure. Place your index finger on the string end of the applicator and position the other end of the applicator to the opening of your vagina. Slowly insert the top of the applicator into your vagina at a 45-degree angle, aiming towards the small of your back, and keep going until your thumb and middle finger reach. At this point, use your index finger to push the end of the applicator, releasing the tampon into your vagina.
Ingredients:Tampon ( absorbent core): 100% certified organic cotton.
Applicator: 100% recycled cardboard Tampon
Inclusions:14 pieces
Note: No Exchange & Return

About the Brand

Organyc aims to make periods easier with 100% organic cotton sanitary pads. Pads that are skin-friendly and environment-friendly. With a line that celebrates sustainability, their products don’t compromise on a women’s health or the environment. Made of the finest ingredients, they reflect the brand’s ethos 100% biodegradable, organic and oozing goodness.
Ditch The Plastic Sanitary Pads For These Organic And Sustainable Ones
By Aishwarya Korwar