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Organic Cotton Tampons, Heavy Flow

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Product Details

Material:Tampons : 100% Organic cotton , Tampon Cord : Organic Cotton Hydrophobic Cord
Weight:0.36 kg
Concern:All Skin Type
Highlights:Enjoy a good workout or party the night away in the cute little dress you bought just days ago; it’s all doable even when you’re on your periods. These Organic Cotton Tampons efficiently absorb moisture to keep your clothes stain free. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear.
How to use:Wash your hands and get into a comfortable position; You can squat, put one leg up, or sit on the toilet with your knees apart; Push the tampon into your vagina using your finger; To remove, tampons have a string at one end that hangs out of your vagina. Take the tampon out by gently pulling the string; Wrap used tampons in toilet paper and throw them away in the trash — do not flush them.
Inclusions:10 Large and 5 Medium Tampons
Care:Store in a cool & dry place
Keep away from Water, Extreme sunlight
Note: No Exchange & No Returns

About the Brand

Free from chemicals, dyes and harsh additives, Peach strives to provide the best resources for a safe period. When you buy Peach, you are not only making the best choice for you and the environment, but also for the workers who have sweat in churning the best cotton for you Their range of products include biodegradable tampons, pantyliners, cramp relieving cream and hamper box.