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Home Blend Coffee Roasters

Pack of 10 Monsooned Malabar Drip Coffee Bags

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Product Details

Roast Type:Medium & Smooth
Serving Type:Single Serve Cups
Weight:90 g
Ingredients:Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans ( Pick Your Roast Level)
Care:Store in a cool, dry place
Note: No Exchange & No Returns

About the Brand

Home Blend roasts fresh Arabica coffee beans from India and has its own green coffee bean processing plant in Indonesia. While they do offer whole coffee beans and ground coffee, their drip coffee bags are what we particularly love. These drip bags (like tea bags) are filter bags filled with ground whole bean coffee. Place these on a cup, pour hot water in batches through the drip, and what you'll get is a cup of strong, aromatic, and mildly acidic brew. If you're someone who is not a fan of bitter coffee, Home Blend is perfect for you. If not black, you can even enjoy their coffee with milk and sugar, and it'll taste just as comforting.
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