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Paradise Massage Therapy Oil - 50ml

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Why we <3 it

  • heart_iconLavender
  • heart_iconCruelty-Free, Anti-Oxidants, Organic

Product Details

Concern:All Skin Type
Highlights:Based on 5000 year old ayurvedic systems that work on 4 levels of your body - skin, muscles, nerves and bones. Just 5 drops of this premium body massage oil are good to relax any part of the body within seconds.
Ingredients:Combination of 15 sought after essential oils- Sweet almond oil (B:Prunus dulcis I:Badam), Olive oil (B:Olea europaea), Castor oil (B:Ricinus communis. I:Arandi), Apricot oil (B:Prunus Armeriaca I:Khubani), Cardamom oil (B:Elettaria cardamomum I:Elaichi), Black pepper oil (B:Piper nigrum I:Kaali mirch ) Frankincense oil (B:Boswellia caterri I:googol), Chamomile oil (B: I: ) Jasmine oil (B: I:), Ginger oil (B: I: ), Lavender oil (B:), Juniper oil (B:), Aniseed oil (B:)Sesame (B:) Turmeric oil (B:). No added fragrance or color.
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About the Brand

The Paradise Tree is trying to bring wonders of Ayurveda in the world. Manufactured by AYUSH Premium Mark Company, They follow the highest quality controls to bring the best Herbal products for our body and conscience.
This Ayurvedic Brand Will Get You Hooked To Ayurvedic Skincare
By Ekshita Arora