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Re-texturing & Mattifying Green Clay Mask (50ml)

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  • heart_iconAnti-Bacterial, Mattifying, Skin Brightening
  • heart_iconNatural, Vegan

Product Details

Product Type:Face Mask
Weight:50 ml
Concern:Oily Skin
Highlights:Cleanse your skin with this Re-texturing & Mattifying Green Clay Mask. It is anti-bacterial, promotes skin glow, revitalizes, rejuvenates the skin and makes it soft and supple. It is completely natural and paraben-free.
How to use:Face & Neck (avoid the area around the eyes). - Two to three times a week. : Apply a thick layer on the face and upper neck area, avoiding eyes. Leave on to dry for approximately 15 minutes. Do not wait for it to dry completely. Wash off the mask with lukewarm water and gently pat dry, follow your favourite moisturiser. Recommended to use 2-3 times a week.
Ingredients:FRENCH GREEN CLAY: This detoxifying clay removes impurities and tightens the pores, tones the skin, exfoliates dead skin cells and reduces acne. It minimises blackheads and enlarged pores and promotes a radiant and balanced complexion.
KAOLIN CLAY: Has a neutral pH and is rich in silica dioxide. It cleans traces of dirt, pollution, grime, and bacteria effectively from your skin. With long term use, kaolin clay can cause your skin to appear bright-toned and tightened, with reduced fine lines and wrinkles.
BENTONITE POWDER: Helps balance sebum level. It carries negative charged ions thus binds to positively charged impurities like heavy metal, bacteria, pollutants and sucks them out of skin pores.
BOTANICAL AHAs- Botanical AHAs derived from extracts of Sugarcane, Orange, Lemon, Sugar Maple and Bilberry gently exfoliate the skin, fade hyperpigmentation and enhance collagen production.
PENTAVITIN- It acts as a moisture magnet within the skin facilitating continuous deep hydration for days. Strengthens skin barrier to allow for the efficient absorption of nutrients and the exfoliation of dead cells in the long run.
GREEN TEA EXTRACT: Contains the powerful antioxidant EGCG that fights DNA damage from UV rays. It is also a strong anti-bacterial agent that helps in treating acne and unclogging pores.
D PENTHANOL- Converts into Vitamin B5 which binds to and holds water effectively moisturizing the skin ensuring softness and elasticity.
VITAMIN E- A Potent anti-oxidant which assists in cellular restoration and reduces UV damage to the skin.
ALOE VERA LEAF EXTRACT: Contains potent antioxidants and vitamin A & C. It is anti-inflammatory, soothes irritated skin.
JOJOBA OIL: Rich in vitamin E and B complex. Plumpens fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful and refined complexion.
PERILLA SEED OIL: Full of ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) and omega 3 fatty acids, this oil improves skin barrier and unclogs the pores to ensure a healthy glowing skin.
CAMELIA OIL: Mostly made up of Oleic fatty acid (Omega-9), it is absorbed by the skin very rapidly and has the capacity to penetrate to the deepest layer.
TEA TREE LEAF OIL: Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, it helps in reducing acne and healing acne scars leaving you with smooth and clear skin.
ROSEMARY FLOWER/ LEAF OIL: It balances the skin’s natural oils and expels toxins from the skin.
BERGAMOT FRUIT OIL: Fades acne scars, blemishes and pigmentation. It is full of antioxidants that fight free radicals and thus keep your skin youthful.
Care:Do a patch test before using.
Note: No Exchange & No Returns

About the Brand

Spearheading the clean beauty movement in India, Zyna combines the goodness of nature with science to bring you products that are effective, yet clean, safe and natural. This is done while keeping sustainability at the forefront. The ingredients that go into making the products are natural, non-toxic and certified to ensure that the products are safe for your skin and at the same time not harmful for the environment.
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