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Self-Care Box

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Product Details

Inclusions:This box contains:
100 grams Pure Aloe Soothing Gel by Prakrta
50 grams Intense Moisturizing Body Butter by Suffuse
30 ml Chocolate Coffee Face Wash by Frescia
15 grams Nutrifying Gir Ghee Intense Repair & Fortifying EO Lip Balm by SolaceDeArtisan
350 ml Body Lotion Cocoa Butter from Islands of Mozambique by Mermaid

About the Box:
Starring 5 awesome brands for all the skincare enthusiasts to try out.

A box with a skincare routine (no kidding). Start by washing your face with water and apply some chocolate coffee face wash by Frescia. Now pat your skin dry, then apply some pure aloe soothing gel by Prakrta which will act as a toner and night cream all-in-one. Massage till your skin absorbs the gel. Now, it’s time for some moisturizing to nourish your skin. Try the intense moisturizing body butter by Suffuse OR cocoa butter from the islands of Mozambique by Mermaid. Last step is to give some extra love to your lips. Apply the nutrifying gir Ghee intense repair and fortifying EO lip balm by SolaceDeArtisan to prevent your lips from getting dry. Voila! You’re all set for a good night’s sleep.
Care:LBB Tip: We recommend a patch test on your skin for all the products to avoid any skin irritation.
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