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Sexual Wellness Combo Prolongex Gel 50ml and Erekt Oil 30ml

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Weight:Prolongex Gel: 50ml
Oil : 30 ml
How to use: Erekt oil: Apply a few drops of the oil on your manhood (penis) right after a warm bath 1-2 times a day. Massage your genitals slowly for full absorption. Moreover, for extra fun, do the massaging together! The Best use would be 1-2 times per day, then allow 10 minutes for full absorption. For better results, use it along with Nutracology Viromex capsules.
Prolongex Gel: Squeeze an adequate amount of gel directly on the penis and Start Spreading the gel on the penis in an outward Motion. Keep repeating until the whole gel gets absorbed onto the skin. Use regularly once or twice a day. Wash hands before, and after application"
Ingredients: Prolongex Gel: Ashwagandha Extract, Shatavari Extract, Betel leaf, Mucuna pruriens, Ginseng, Strawberry, Verbena, Balamool, Gokshura, Kesari, Onion oil, Olive oil, Nutmeg oil, Clove oil, Coconut oil, Mustard oil.
Erekt Oil: Shilajit, Shatavari, Ashwagandha, Lavang, Vidarikand, Kalonji oil, Sesame Oil, Jyotishmati Oil, Jatamnsi, Jalphal"
Inclusions:1 Gel and 1 Oil
Note: No Exchange and Returns

About the Brand

At, Nutracology they aim to provide the best Health across the Country. Their commitment to your good health, backed by decades of scientific testing and high-quality ingredients, lies at the heart of every product they produce. The brand prides themselves in providing a range of Healthy supplements that is wholly Made in India
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