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The Fit & Fab Holi Hamper

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Product Details

Weight:800 Gram
Ingredients:Protein Mix - Jwar, Malai Jor, Wheat Flakes, Chana, Soya Bean, Moong Jor, Refined Soya Bean Oil, Salt & Spices.
Baked mathi - Whole Wheat Flour, Pickle Masala , Salt & Soyabean Oil.
Baked moong dal twisty- Wheat Flour, Moong Dal , Red Chilli, Salt, Cumin, Kalonji, Haldi Powder, Ajwain & Soya Bean Oil. Roasted Gur Chana - Gur and chana.
Roasted Chana jor garam - Chana, Dry Mango, Cumin Powder, Hing, Dry Ginger, Red Chilli Powder, Black Salt, Black Pepper, Low Sodium Salt,Spices, Vegetable Oil
Baked nutcracker - Peanuts, Corn Starch, Besan Nut Cracker Masala ( Mix of 28 spics)
Inclusions:1 Roasted Protein Mix, 1 Baked Mathi, Baked Moong Dal Twisty, 1 Roasted Chana Jor Garam, Baked Nut Cracker, 1 Roasted Gur Chana, 2 Organic Gulal
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About the Brand

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