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Three Ninjas Kombucha

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Product Details

Ingredients:Green Tea, Raw Cane sugar, filtered water, Clove, Cinnamon, Star Anise
Care:Not suitable for Children Under 17 years fo age, Lactating and expecting mothers and people with Very specials dietary restrictions. Refrigerate at 0-10 C. Keep away from moisture and dirty spoon.
Note: No Exchange & No Return

About the Brand

At MAVI’s Commbucha, they are brewing some fizzy, energising and refreshing booch-love for you. Basically, Commbucha is handcrafted fermented tea which apart from having a long list of amazing health benefits, also keeps your taste buds tickling making it perfect for social drinking, as a non-alcoholic beverage as well as a mixer. From the beginning, they have ensured that they keep the experimentation and innovation going, so they offer a wide variety of perennial and seasonal flavours like plums, oranges, watermelon, the list goes on, they have something for every kind of palate!
Cinnamon, Beets & Chilli: Get Kombucha In Funky Flavours From This Brand
By Ahalya Acharya
I Tried Commbucha by Mavi for the First Time!
By Shreshtha Gk