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& Stirred Cocktail Mix

Whiskey Sour - Combo Pack of 2 (Pitcher Pack) + 1 Peg Measure + 4 Coasters

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Product Details

How to use:Ice + 60ml + &Stirred mix
Ingredients:Water, Sugar, Passion fruit puree, Orange juice conc., Aromatic bitter
Inclusions:2 x Whiskey Sour Mixes + 1 Peg Measure + 4 Coasters
Care:Store in clean, dry & hygienic conditions
Note: No Exchange & No Returns

About the Brand

& Stirred is a simple, no-fuss mix balanced to perfection like any professional bartender’s concoction that offers consistent and great tasting cocktails anytime, every time. You mix it in water, stir it and sip it, making it the simplest and most convenient way of making perfect cocktails/mocktails.
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