IG Influencer & Boss Lady Rohina Tells Us Her Fav Brands & Home Decor Tips

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We got chatting with Instagram influencer Rohina Anand Khira who is also the CEO of AA Living, a popular furniture and home decor store located on Mumbai's Nepean Sea Road. If you are hearing about Rohina, for the first time, we recommend you take a look at her popular Instagram handle. From home decor tips and tricks to beauty reccos, it's a treasure trove of inspo and info. Definitely check out her countless DIY home decor Reels. Oh, and if you're hearing about AA Living for the first time, check out this store tour to get an idea of what the store is all about.  

We asked Rohina about her favourite home decor brands, her favourite homegrown brands, home decor trends she loves and some tips. Read on to find out what she has to say. 

Brands She Loves

AA Living

AA Living

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AA living is a luxury home decor brand that even sees celebrity patrons like Kareena Kapoor, & Saif Ali Khan and Anushka Sharma among others. Rohina (and us) loves fab designs and great quality that makes AA Living’s products built to last. Since the designs are timeless, they transcend trends and will suit most home aesthetics too. 

Urban Outfitters

While you may associate Urban Outfitters with clothes, their home decor line is great too. According to Rohina, their home lines are effortless, clean, and really nail the boho-chic vibe. We love how simple yet striking their current collection is, right from the designs to the colours used. 

If you're looking for a guide to set up a boho-chic home, here's a helpful guide.



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Rohina and we love Misho Designs' edgy and statement jewellery. The brand also does a whole range of minimal and functional jewellery -- for instance, their Pod Collection features earrings that support Apple AirPods. Their range of hoops like chunky cluster hoops and mini huggy hoops are worth adding to your jewellery box. 



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The American brand is one of our favourites and Rohina's too when it comes to home decor. From plush rugs to ceramic ware, the retail brand has a collection that you want to have in your home. Their bedding range is a rage -- those quilts and throws feature pops of colours and on-trend designs (think floral to upcycled). 

Josmo Studio

The award-winning design studio based out of Goa is known for its furniture that features contemporary designs with Indian aesthetics. From their seating to consoles, the furniture options will give you major makeover vibes. You must definitely check out their store when in Goa or if you aren't travelling anytime soon, then their website. 

Rohina's Favourite Home Trends & Tips

A home trend that Rohina hopes will never go out of style is the urban jungle trend. AKA biophilic home design, she loves plants (as we all do) as they’re reasonable, add texture to a home set up and make homes look super inviting and well put together. 

If you're looking to add indoor plants, here's what you can get, and the perfect planters for them too. 

Tip: How To Clear Clutter

A useful tip Rohina shares (to do with clutter) is to put away decor, and showpieces, be it from the living room or storage and put it away in a suitcase. If in three months you don’t think about it, just donate that suitcase! If you do retrieve it for any reason in that time, then it’s worth keeping. This helps clear up space and helps keep Rohina’s home minimalistic.

If you need storage boxes to put away clutter and decor you're not necessarily using, here are boxes and storage options for you. 

Tip: Mirror Trend Being Underrated


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Rohina is of the opinion that the mirror trend is quite underrated and because they are hard to get commercially, most people shy away from it. Also, because you have to customize and choose frames yourself, making the whole this not the most practical trend out there. But she says mirrors are magical with them being able to bounce the light around and make the space look larger. The whole use of mirrors makes it a very priceless experience, especially for folks living in cities and smaller apartments. 

Pro-Tip: Check out this listicle on how to make your room bigger under UNR 5,000. Yes, we use mirrors. While you are at it, check out brands like Hollyhock and Mohh on LBB


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