How To Create THE ULTIMATE Cosy Living Room In 5 No-nonsense Steps

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So, you have a lovely living room but want to make it more snug, warm and inviting - congratulations, you've landed the right recommendation and with it 5 easy ways to achieve your dream. A cosy lounge is always welcome in our books, it's just an all-year round mood, and even apt during the monsoon/winter season. Surprisingly, to create a main pad that you just want to curl up in at all times, takes a few finishing touches that can be switched around - incorporating warm hues to adding more textured accessories. But in the process of doing so, it's also important to appeal to all senses, and that is where we step in with our expertise. Bookmark this list on how to create a cosy living room NOW and cosy up FOREVER!

Step 1: Deal In Dark Colours & Warm Shades Only


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Dark colours and warm tones put you at ease, it's just a psychological thing, think of it! Deeps rich shades also give an impression of warmth and a homely vibe. To start, it's not an entirely bad option, but you can repaint the walls. Don't end up painting all the walls dark, instead, stick to one stand-out wall and match that with complementary lighter shades on the others. If you want to make things easy - just work with the existing light walls and introduce deeper colours through furniture or curtains, coffee table coasters, cushions or throws. Pick deep berries or, mustards yellows, browns, burnt oranges, navy blue even dark charcoal. Brands like ArtEastri, House This, Sheen Decor, Caption Home and Artisanns Nest have a lovely collection of dark coloured home furnishings. Some of our picks - this medusa cushion cover in maroon, these micro decorative cushions in navy or purple, this rust chenille throw and this bottle green curtain. We also like the idea of adding warmth to the walls with statement wall paintings like these moon craters and sature wall art pieces from this cool brand, Evolve. Overall, home aesthetic wise - wooden furniture, mid-century modern or industrial styles work well with dark colours. You could ditch colour entirely and cosy things up with a monochromatic look too! 

Other brands to check out: Amoliconcepts, Unisoul, FurnitureRoots

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Step 2: Pick Metal Or Wooden Decor Accents To Complement

Warm and inviting as it may be, like we said, saturated shades can quickly become a bit much. The key is to break up the monotony by adding some shine or some depth. Brass and copper come highly recommended, especially if your walls are navy or grey. Pick accents like this brass-powder coated holly mirror from N Square Studio or these copper pods from Coppre or P-tal's handmade brass coasters and this beautiful madarai brass vase from Top Brass for ample sparkle. Curtains, wall frames (check Yatha on LBB), or tea lights with metallic designs or finish are good alternatives too. Wood and cosy go hand-in-hand too, so definitely grab table accessories including vases and lamps from Studio Indigene, Wood So Good, and Opaque Studio. Welcoming and relaxed pieces are guaranteed in each of these collections.

Other brands to check out: Kohana Homes, Manor House, The Weaver's Nest

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Step 3: Layer, Layer & Layer Some More With Textures

Sheen Decor

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Nothing makes a living room more inviting and cosier than loads of layering with loads of texture. This should technically be step one if you already have a snug living room. Think of ways to sink and snuggle in on a rainy or nippy evening - don't you automatically think blankets/throws, the softest cushions and warmest cushion covers, come to mind? For us it's throwing together this cotton knitted throw in ivory and charcoal from Cazimo or this Denmark blocks sofa throw from Ode & Cleo together with only the most texture-forward cushion covers from Sashaa World (tufted dots), Kirti Furnishing (velvets), House This (hand embroidered), Sheen Decor (smocked cushions), and Aadyashre (macrame). Carpets too, in shades of rust, terracotta, caramel or brown, not only add to the layering aspect and texture but also colour. For a more Scandinavian or contemporary feel, pick light colour carpets. No brand better than Dazzhome for a wide variety of carpets! As a bonus, we're also giving you hand-knitted woolen stools from Amoliconcepts to add to the texture. You will need all of these options because you cannot have enough textures and enough layering to do. Look for oversized faux fur, chunky knits, and felted fabrics for max level comfort and cosy and get extra throws and cushions, because hey - the point of creating a cosy living room is to lounge in it!

Other brands to check out: Knotty Dhaage, Fundane Studio, Sanskrutihomes, Kairu

Buy cushions, throws and carpets on LBB.

Step 4: Warm Things Up With Mellow Lighting


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When you have a room full of mellow and cosy, darkness is a by-product and so lighting becomes pivotal. Keeping with the agenda and the theme, experiment with mood lighting and warm lights - you don't want white light screaming in your face and poking those eyes, it's a sure shot way to ruin the vibe you so very carefully set. Overhead lighting is not the first choice, but we think if it isn't directly cast over where you're seated but centrally placed, lighting the whole room, it works. A stunning overhead fixture would be the pandora origami ceiling lamp from Codedgami and the milo pendant lamp from Oorja too. To illuminate the many, layered areas of the living room buy soft, background or table lighting that is dimmable, yellow, and puts you at ease. Cane/rattan/bamboo and ceramic lights are pretty hot right now and also fit the vibe. We're digging this classic cane lantern from the Green Collective for a corner table and this long bamboo lamp from Connecting NER to go to an armchair or on either side of the sofa. Play with pockets of light too, to create warm puddles in the secluded nooks of the living room. Opt for floor or wall lamps for this.

Other brands to check out: Fos Lighting, Decon, Mianzi

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Step 5: Burn Candles In Fragrances Reminiscent Of The Mood

Rad Living

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The cherry on your now cosy living room are candles. Many and many candles. Candles for colour, candles for mood, candles in beautiful tealight candle holders but most importantly, scented candles to reinforce and possibly turn up the cosiness a few notches. Imagine curling up on your sofa engulfed in scents like masala chai or cocoa coffee from The Essence Store or vanilla cake or sweet musk from Rad Living or our favourites, oak room or New Delhi from Mineral Project. Rich and warm scents with bergamot, frankincense and amber to match the mood inside and outside is also recommended. 

Other brands to check out: The Maeva Store, Joyous Beam Candles, Ekam

Buy decoration candles, scented candles and tealight candle holders on LBB. For our favourite scented candles, head here.


Indian climates rarely get unbearably cold, but if you live up North, you may want to install portable heaters too. We also recommend adding books and plants to the interiors, to pile on more cosy, you know. Because enough is still not enough in cosy town.


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