15 Home Decor Pieces To Nail The Boho-Earthy Colour Trend Of 2022


    That feeling of being put instantly at ease is one to desire, right? Why not feel it at all times? All you have to do is surround yourself and dot your home with earthy decor. These tones that are rooted in nature are innately soothing and incredibly versatile (no, not drab, dull or boring!). No wonder 2021's decor trends for homes celebrate these marvelous muddy shades -- everything from sands to chocolate browns, moss greens, taupes and murky mustards, even deep terracottas and cool grays and beiges. Ready to make your interiors more homey then, are we? Bookmark this list of earthy home decor to score, right now. 

    House This Pasapali Wall Art

    Pasapali Wall Art


    Fabric tapestry just adds character to an otherwise boring olé' wall and it's no different than when you're decorating an earthy themed home. This Pasapali Wall Hanging from House This will fit right in, especially because of its charcoal grey tones and rustic vibe. House This on Shop On LBB has a bunch of other home products -- all superbly earthy in its aesthetic.

    Opaque Studio Terracotta Planter

    Terracotta & Wooden Bark Planter / Candle Holder


    When selecting a planter to match earthy decor nothing beats the OG terracotta. In Opaque Studio's Terracotta & Wooden Bark Planter it also gets a stylish design spin, cute diamond cuts. Best part? This also doubles as a candle holder. Love a multipurpose home decor deal! An alternative to this one-tone option would be this Almond Dipped Vase from Stonewashed Studio.

    The Velvet Box Rectangle Jute Rug

    Rectangle Jute Rug


    All jute, all earthy, all classic. This Rectangle Jute Rug from The Velvet Box nails and lends a relaxed and easy vibe to any space, courtesy it's fire earthy texture! Since it's made of indigenous woven jute, durability is guaranteed, therefore making the most practical rug choice.

    Knotty Dhaage Macrame Fringy Cushion Cover

    Macramé Fringy Cushion Cover (45 x 45 cm)


    Natural, earthy cushion covers aren't just timelessly stylish but also have this homey, inviting feel. Since textures also play a huge role in earthy decor and furnishings, we've picked a mix and match of cushion covers. Firstly, just appreciate the craftsmanship on Knotty Dhaage's Macrame Cover -- gorgeous! A couple of these dispersed between the Avior Pillow from The Rug Republic (a mix of all the best earthy colours) and the Bandhana Cushion Cover from House This and you have yourself a cosy cushion heaven!

    N Square Studio Holly Mirror Jute

    Holly Mirror Jute - 15 Inch


    To perfectly tie into the rest of an earthy space, your choice of a mirror needs to be classic with no frills and thrills. Like, this Holly Mirror Jute from N Square Studio. We love the Jute Braided Belt finish and the almost sandy-looking brass-powder colour coat. Aside from the utility factor, this also is a great wall accent.

    Forestkraft Earthy Scandi Candle & Trivet Set

    Earthy Scandi Candle & Trivet Set


    What condiments are to food, decorative candles are to a home. Many think it's okay to leave them out but it sure as hell isn't! Plus it doesn't get more earthy than this natural wood Candle Holder & Trivet Set from Forestkraft. It comes with two candles and one trivet, you could either place them all together or creatively use each piece individually.

    Evolve Helico Wall Art Piece

    Helico Wall Art Piece


    If yours is a modern earthy home and tapestry for wall art just steers it into a bohemian aesthetic, you may want to consider this Helico Wall Art Piece from Evolve. It has an abstract design and a textured finish, both of which help add character to any corner that you want enlivened. The colours are a deep muddy brown with black moon craters-like formations. Another option would be this similar but not as in-your-face Sature Wall Art Piece from the same brand. 

    Oorjaa Tower Bark Wall Lamp

    Tower Bark Wall Lamp


    Truly a statement wall lamp both when turned on or off, this Tower Bark Wall Lamp from Oorjaa is a must-have if you're after a rustic-chic atmosphere. It looks like the bark of a tree -- textured in different colours and actually used barn banana paper. When turned off it looks like a cool wall accessory. 

    Concrete Designer Wall Clock Yours Concretely

    Concrete Designer Wall Clock (Grey-Gold)


    Warm hues are almost instantly associated with anything earthy but we forget the equally stunning cool-undertones, like this light grey-gold Designer Wall Clock from Yours Concretely. It's also made from concrete, so that raw look is guaranteed, plus if your room is predominantly browns, tans and beiges, a grey can provide some colour relief.

    EcoBowls Natural Candle Holder

    Natural Candle Holder (Plam)


    To us this coconut shell Candle Holder from EcoBowls is the perfect table decorative element or a key bowl or trinket dish if you will. It's super charming and super different from regular candle holders out there. The hand carved design further adds to its beauty. Another and modern table decor for an earthy home would be this Contemporary Style Decorative Glass Votive from Amoliconcepts. It's deep reds and burnt orange screams earthy. 

    House This Trikha Black Bamboo Basket

    Trikha Black Bamboo Basket


    For the bedroom territory, switch out the boring clothes basket with this cool Trikha Black Bamboo Basket from House This. This totally missable utility item will now stand out like an eye grabbing home accent. It's contemporary style is the main reason why. 

    Saphed Terracotta Linen Flat Sheet

    Terracotta Linen Queen Flat Sheet


    If you need your bed to look like a cosy haven, cover it with Saphed's Terracotta Linen Sheets. Not only does it match that earthy aura, it's minimalist design gives off a very Scandinavian type bedding energy. The colour too couldn't be more perfect. 

    Amoliconcepts Grey Natural Woolen Knitted Wooden Stool

    Grey & Natural Woolen Hand Knitted Wooden Stool


    Wooden stools are getting an upgrade with fabric other than regular cotton and we're loving the new look. While wood as in is earthy, this Grey Woolen Hand Knitted Wooden Stool from Amoliconcepts is perfect to colour block while looking dope and staying functional. Use it as a corner piece or a foot stool or an accessory. Personally we'd put this somewhere in the bedroom or living room.

    DaisyLife Fruit & Bread Wicker Basket

    Fruit & Breads Wicker Basket With Lid


    Your dining table deserves some earthy pizzaz too and nothing sits more perfectly without have to move on and off like a fruit basket. In DaisyLife's version you get a solid wicked-looking Wicker Basket that's multipurpose from the get-go. Use it to place fruits or napkins in or serve bread in it, or keep your condiments in it and close it shut with its lid, for a much cleaner, organised dining table.

    Crayton Mango Wood Round Serving Tray

    Mango Wood Round Serving Tray


    Another dining table member, this Mango Wood Round Serving Tray from Crayton can also be used as a decorative element. It's deep brown colour and almost glossy finish, makes this a classic earthy home decor item. Take inspiration from the image and jazz it up with some candles or a votive when not using it for service. 

    Tattva Handmade Nesting Bowls

    Nesting Bowls - Set of 3


    We're in love with all of Tattva Handmade's earthy toned ceramics but these nesting bowls are too good not to pick as our favourites! The texture and play on colours (cream, browns and beige) should make it a mainstay in any earthy-themed home. Again you can use this set to serve multiple types of meals or just leave it lying on your dining table. Afterall, it does not deserve to be hidden in a kitchen cabinet.


    If you're revamping your home, you may want to check out this list on home decor products that help bring the Grandmillenial Vibe or the Vintage Vibe home too and then make a decision!