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It's Gin Day Today: Drink To India's First Blue Gin & The Most Affordable One!

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What Makes It Awesome

From the maker of GinGin (India's first hemp gin) comes another first for India in the gin department - the first blue gin. Say hello to Clearly Good Gin, and again, thank 24-year old Shubham Khanna, for this too. Not only is it the country’s first blue gin, it’s also possibly the world’s most affordable gin at an easy INR 244.99. No, I have not made a mistake. Yes, you read it right. 

As with most Indian gins these days, it’s currently only available in Goa, but Maharashtra and Delhi are on the card next, hopefully starting April. For those wondering about the gin, well, it Clearly Good Gin! Distilled eight times and vapour infused with fifteen botanicals including the lovely Himalayan juniper, coriander, pepper, cinnamon, Indian green chillies, butterfly pea flower and what is being called a secret citrus blend, this one has hints of kokam leaves, kaffir lime leaves, bitter lemon peels, Nagpur orange peels, and gondhoraj lime too. Why is it blue? Well, the butterfly pea flower. And the best part is when you add tonic to it, it turns pink! Now do you believe in magic? 

If you are in Goa, or headed there, make sure to give this one a shot. And kindly bring it back to those unfortunately not in Goa! After all, the bottle is like a hip flask in an easy 350ml bottle to make it convenient to swig on the go. Or that’s our plan at least!

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