Decor Styles & Tips We're Taking From Mallika Dua's Gorgeous Bachelorette Pad!

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Yours and our favourite actor and comedian Mallika Dua let us into her home, and we absolutely love it! A dreamy bachelorette pad which she says is her happy place is dotted with pastels, earthy tones and has a classic, cool, chic and casual vibe to it. Expect inlay work, lots of mirrors, rattan and cane products. Plus, flowers which “nature ne diye hue hain”! We’re inspired by it and if you are too, here are elements from her gorgeous home that you can add to yours for that exact feel. 

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Muted Shades On The Walls And Cupboards

A nice variety of muted neutrals that include white, off-white, subtle pinks, mauve and taupe on walls and cabinets add a warm and welcoming vibe to any home. And Mallika’s home does just that. Plus, muted colours mean that you can always add colour and drama with accents and accessories like patterned pillows, rugs and carpets. Like Erik Jan Middelhoven, Country Home Furnishing & Retail Design Manager, IKEA India, says, “These colours can add a lot of personality and atmosphere to the otherwise pared-back space.” 

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Use Mirrors To Add Depth & Space

Mirrors can work wonders in creating the illusion of space. For best results, try and place the mirror in a spot that has the least distractions, and is at the wall of the longer side of your room. The width of a room is usually not captured, so it’s best to extend the length. If you have a window or balcony, nothing like strategically placing the mirror such that it reflects the outside place. In Mallika’s home, while the mirrors do add an added dimension and depth, she’s also used them simply as decor pieces, and as she says, to maximise the play of light to brighten the entire space. The patterns she has, have been cleverly used decoratively so take a leaf out of her book, and shop decorative mirrors here

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Add Earthy Tones

Since the space is where Mallika lounges, writes her scripts, takes zoom calls, and whatnot, her space features lots of earthy tones from the sleek cream photo frame to the walls. You'll find cool grey which dominates her bedroom -- from the walls to the four-poster bed -- along with sandy brown open shelves. You will love these earthy tones are soothing and pleasing to the eye and do not look dull at all. Earthy tones including brown, green, taupe and a hint of mustard (What? You missed her couch?) are currently trending, but apart from being very timeless and eternally chic, these colours also help make the space much more versatile and open to new additions. We love that she not only uses earthy tones for larger things like sofas, beds and cupboards but the decor and accessories too. Like the vases, the use of rattan and cane. Even the tables, shelves, planters are all in earthy tones.

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Use Accent Pieces Like Vases & Storage Boxes

Mallika's home is dotted with many storage boxes and cute vases and curious that are placed on various cabinets and shelves in the house. We spotted colourful cute ceramic vases along with a range of rattan storage baskets (her tv lounge room has so many of these). Coming back to the vases, you'll find that they are in trendy shapes too (cylindrical to minimalistic designs like that of Osmos, Hollyhock, and Country Clay). 

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Cane & Rattan

Mallika loves rattan and so do we. From those storage boxes we mentioned earlier to the seating, there's a lot of rattan and cane decor we spotted and definitely want. Oh we almost forgot about those cute rattan coasters. Brands like Miazni, Lap & Dado, and Spin has a lot of furniture and lighting options feature cane and rattan work. 

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Use Pops Of Colour

Mallika's home features pops of colour in the form of accent walls, wardrobe door colour (note, it's just the door!), and geometric artwork. Something which folks at IKEA also fully approve of -- geometric patterns. She also brings in a big of nature indoors that adds colour as well as cushion covers that she changes according to the season. 

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Plants & Planters

We also saw plenty of planters and plants, and if all home trends of 2022 are to be believed (why not!), then Mallika's got this one down too! If you want to be like her and bring nature indoors, then go right ahead. Nothing like some fresh O2 and greenery right in front of you.

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