Let The Kids Play Real Life Farmville At These Five Farms Around Bangalore


    Fancy a day out in the lap of nature? Take some time to spend it at any of these lovely fruit-picking farms in and around Bangalore. From chikoo, litchi and arecanuts to rose apples, papaya and mangoes, your kids will never leave. Plus, they’ll understand that fruits and veggies don’t come from the super market but from the Earth! Here are five farms in and around Bangalore, perfect for fruit and vegetable picking with the children.

    Disclaimer: All the farms listed below are following all Covid-19 safety protocols. If you would like to visit just as a family, you can call and enquire if that can be accommodated. Don't forget to carry your own masks and masks for the kids together with extra sanitiser.

    The Farm, Bannerghatta Road

    The Farm

    Kalkere, Bangalore

    At The Farm on Bannerghatta road, kids can forage, pick wild greens, flowers, and fruit, learn to find food in unlikeliest of places, plant a new patch of ginger, dig turmeric out of the ground and come back home with bags full of chikkoos, papayas, litchi and some wonderful edible greens like pandan and bay leaves. Apart from this, they can play with the ducks, sheep, geese, rabbits, hens and the dogs. There is also water play and the children can discover the farm library as well and curl up with a book on the hammock.

    Children are usually advised to bring a spare set of clothes, water, bug spray, caps, and a few other things. Food may also be provided. The Farm also conducts a fantastic variety of weekend classes. Open every weekend for private parties, picnics, and children’s parties.

    Chiguru, Kanakapura Taluk

    Located in Kanakapura Taluk, Chiguru is a 25-acre farm that grows a wide variety of seasonal fruits, vegetables, fruit trees (including bananas, mangoes, coconuts, areca nuts, rose apples and lemons) and more. Chiguru is now converted into a fully organic farm and children can also play and spend time with the farm animals. Children can pick more than 30 seasonal fruits, pet animals, stay on-farm visits, cycle, go on mango tours and more. They also curate group visits for children and expose them to organic farming in a fun way. Bird watching, cycling and farm stays are also popular here.

    The farm is open to day trips and overnight stays for groups, families and corporate parties. A Green Venture also curates some fantastic visits to the farm. The farm currently taking only limited number of people a day. Check them out here.

    The Green Path – Sukrishi Farm, Chikmaranahalli

    Located in Nelamangala, Sukrishi is an organic farm that is spread across 40 acres of land. Home to hundreds of trees and crops, the farm also has animals and birds in their natural habitats. Children can pick vegetables and learn all about organic farming, find out how honey is made, meet the farm animals, garden with their hands and learn plenty about nature and vegetable farming. Their farm space is expansive, beautiful and their man-made ponds store rain and are a wonder to behold.

    Aditi Farms, Off Kanakapura Road

    A chemical-free farm that is cultivated using Vedic agricultural methods, Aditi Farms grows more than 100 varieties of heirloom vegetables. Children can also see a huge collection of indigenous vegetables. They can pluck, learn about food through a walk at the farm, explore gardening and even visit a greenhouse nursery. From kale and cherry tomatoes to basil to heritage plants of all varieties, children can pluck and toss their own salads! Hariyalee conducts curated tours of the farm. Aditi Farms does not host birthday parties but group visits are possible. Do contact them in advance to book a tour. They do not entertain walk ins at the moment. 

    Silver Oak Farms, Nandi Hills

    A picturesque organic farm situated at the foot of the Nandi Hills, Silver Oak Farm is open to groups of children and families on weekends. The farm grows its own vegetables, fruits and herbs, and depending on the time of harvest, fruit picking activities can be organised for the children.If you are planning a visit, you should book well in advance. Fruit picking is available only during certain seasons of the year.