Get The Look: This Indie Bohemian Console Decor Is A Winner


    Where do you look to find decor inspiration for your home? I go to Pinterest and it never disappoints! This place always has something to suit a specific aesthetic in decor I am looking for. Try looking in too many places and you can easily slip into the visual equivalent of writer's block if you’re not careful. So I typed in the Pinterest search box ‘how to style a console table to get Indie Boho vibes going’ and voila! It pulled up this striking picture of a space that is a total winner in that category. Let’s see what we can find to recreate this look, shall we?

    Wall Decor


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    Starting with wall art - it’s the usual suspects when it comes to Indie Bohemian decor aesthetic. Botanical prints, Frida Kahlo portrait and pressed flower frames. Think pressed flowers belong in the pages of classic paperbacks? Check out The Crimson Shop, which specialises in stunning pressed flower decor and wall art. Vajor is totally rocking the Boho vibe with their wall hangings. Like this Carmo Garden Wall Art on canvas with a wooden frame. For more options in botanical wall art look here.

    Terracotta Planters

    Earth Heart

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    Go crazy with plants, all kinds of them but keep the planters as minimalistic as you can. Terracotta planters are a good choice. Opaque Studio’s handcrafted terracotta planters with rattan detailing are perfect for this setting. Check out Earth Heart too. We love their hand-painted quirky terracotta planters. Or perk up the look a bit with Bageechawala’s face planters.

    Console Table

    Coming to the focal point, which is the table. Want your console table to be a bit of this (decor) and a bit of that (storage)? This and That’s functional and sleek furniture has what you are looking for. Want a more novel variety? Vakr infuses rattan with concrete to create beyond edgy and cool designs in furniture.

    Storage Baskets


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    Shop on LBB has an enviable curation of sustainable, eco-friendly storage baskets. Be it All That Grass’ kauna basket or Asama’s iron frame basket with lid or Kopou Homegrown’s reed baskets. These are super useful when it comes to decluttering your home and can double up as decor too. 

    Table Accents


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    Rustic table accents add a lot of character to the space. Daisy Life has wicker trays that you can keep on the console as a trinket tray. Check out Forest Kraft for their Earthy Scandi Candle and Trivet Set. Made of natural wood, it’s the perfect element to adorn an Indie Bohemian console table space. Also, see this list of dramatic candle stands you can choose from.