No Windows? No Problem! 5 Hacks To Make A Room Bright Without Natural Light

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Just like how life throws you curveballs, a home hunt or a home that you already love may have that one room that isn't everyone's favourite. We're hinting at that room without a window, you know? Similarly, you could also be a student on-the-go who had to settle for a pad with no windows. But! This doesn't mean you have to live in darkness! Things could be missing - that's life, but nobody is stopping you from creating your own sunshine, pun intended. With that, we give you a superb guide that will help you add more light to a room without a window. 

How? You'd be surprised to know that there are quite a few ways, affordable at that and one that won't have you going all decorator-zilla. Save this guide, the brands and products mentioned and reference for later. They will certainly 'switch' things up and on. 

Ready to see the light?

Step 1: Keep It Light - Furniture To Decor & Accents Too

White anything is the bane of our existence, but when you've got no light, you need white (or light colours). It's an absolute necessity in a room without windows and the easiest way to bring it home is with furniture. You can add a long white sofa or a rug, even a tiny cabinet table around each other - and the room will instantly look taller and wider, which means it's only going to feel bigger and brighter too! If stains are your worry, we'd suggest this gorgeous upcycled zigzagged monochrome charpoy bench from Sirohi by Skilled Samaritan Foundation. This made-to-order handcrafted beaut, can be cleaned with a dry cloth and given its pattern will also hide stains (we don't wish this for you, though). Other pieces we're digging are this upcycled braided selvedge cotton pouffe from Folk and this wooden coffee table with white wash finish and wooden stool from Amoliconcepts. Likewise, if big pieces of furniture in white are overwhelming, try light-coloured cushion covers, wall accents like this bohemian macrame wall hanging from Thread Story or this tropical vase from Thorny Affair. If not this, just make sure your major purchases are either white or light in colour, and be mindful to pick things that are easy to clean or treated with a stain-proof material of sorts.

Other brands to check out: Sheen Decor, Sashaa World, Wall Mantra 

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Step 2: Go Colours But Not Crazy

Bunko Junko

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Now, you don't have to whitewash the room. You can most definitely introduce pops of colour, but do it tastefully to balance things out. Colour also, of course, makes things more lively, fun, and welcoming and that's exactly what we want in a windowless room. Vibrant shades will also distract from the fact that there isn't anything ventilation in the room. Remember, just one colourful piece won't do, so pick out similar tones of different things. Things like this colourblocked round floor rug from Bunko Junko or this set of pom pom cushion covers from Hutke. If darker tones are your jam, check out this woolen brown and maroon abstract tufted carpet from Zeba or this cactus digital print from Krita & Penna for some wall art. Other brands to check out: GoingDesi, Folkstorys, The Tassle Life

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Step 3: Hang Mirror, Mirrors On The Walls

Take Me Home

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Another sneaky way to add light and some brightness, is to reflect whatever little you already have and what better than a bunch of fancy mirrors to do the trick? Be smart and strategic about it though, so place or position mirrors in places where it will catch the few beams of sunlight or light from a lamp/skylight to throw back into the room. This is one trick that is pretty foolproof, so definitely give it a go. Here are some striking mirror options for different moods - for vintage, check out this oval mirror in a wooden frame from Take Me Home; for a modern vibe, this archimes mirror from Mohh, and finally for a more experimental home, these stunning round rings rattan hallway mirror from Hollyhock.

Other brands to check out: Fermoscapes, SPIN, Twisted Needle

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Step 4: Need To Load Up On External Lighting, Obvs


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No window(s) means you've got to create your own sunshine and so you need only the best kind of lighting and lamps. Don't hesitate to go overboard, infact, go overboard. Think, a minimum of three or four lamps. Not all the same kind, mind you. Pick an overhead lamp, like this coco flower pendant lamp from Oorjaa, a table lamp like, this clove table lamp from Zo Design Life and finally a floor lamp, we'd pick this Sarava floor lamp from Studio Indigene or this Lafayette Lights black tall floor lamp. These three options will make any room without a window - living to bedroom brighter and will give the room a sense of space. Plus, if you feel the need to switch off the overhead lights, you'll always have light coming from elsewhere.

Other brands to check out: Fos Lighting, Decon, Glimmer Lightings

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Step 5: Literally Add Life With Plants

Trellis Bliss

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That's right, do not forget your little plant babies. To be out with the dark and dingy, begin by placing a few of your favourite plants around and they will instantly make any windowless room feel more alive. You can also pick flowering plants of different colours (reference step 2) to bring brightness to isolated corners or just stick to the greens but put them in planters of many colours (pinks, blues, greys, patterned or multicoloured). We're absolutely loving the pots & planters from brands like Prakriti Garden Boutique, Trellis Bliss, Bageechawala and Color Palatte. Now you're obviously thinking about keeping a plant alive in a dark, lightless room - you definitely will have to pay extra attention, or like us you can pick real fakes, basically super real-looking but artificial plants from this cool Indian brand called PolliNation. You won't have to water or move these plants to a room with windows, ever! 

Other brands to check out: The Yellow Pumpkin, Eliteearth, The Purple Turtles

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